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Cultivating Relationships with ONE Philosophy

Relationships are the key to the Team One Philosophy, and with this in mind we focus on building strong relationships with our clients and our clients’ customers. We accomplish this by setting benchmarks to influence, communicate, motivate, inspire, develop and amaze with something different for every event engagement.

For us it’s all about arresting attention and engaging people in the very idea of our clients’ business proposition. We assist and help clients to continually cultivate mutually beneficial and lively relationships with their customers to achieve their corporate and brand objectives successfully


Sound System for every event is very important, therefore every event need to have a high quality sound system to make sure the event run smoothly.


At Team One, our consultants have the ability to work with your marketing or brand team to develop and express your brand in new and innovative ways.


Our corporate event services have been created to allow you to choose how best we can stage your event, from conception to completion.


Team One has a range of technological innovations supporting unique concept that make each road show and ground activation event stand out as one of a kind.


We like to keep things simple, let our individual in-house departments explore and not hinder their journey. Equally, we like to take our clients along that journey with us arriving at a perfect solution. We have amazing teams of industry professionals, so why not let them fly. These are the reasons we have different people specializing in different competencies in place, to make sure we get the best for our clients, the best for their customers and the best from our industry professionals.

Client Services

Your first point of contact that is ultimately responsible for ensuring objectives for each project are met. This includes a clear understanding of your company culture and any internal campaigns or issues, ensuring a strong synergy between our organizations.

Project management

A dedicated project manager will head up a team of specialists to manage the logistical aspects of your event planning, and with all our core services in-house, the benefit to you is a seamless, efficient and cost effective program.

Creativity & Design

Our design team can help to provide a striking impact and make a lasting impression. We can assess and pinpoint the style of an event and an audience, and then design and build the look accordingly, providing impact through the creation of an innovative event identity.

Communication Strategy

Ongoing communication with your delegates will increase the effectiveness of your event. Going beyond the role of an event management company, we can design and implement a communication strategy in synergy with your organization’s corporate or brand strategy.

Technical Support

Any event represents a significant injection of technical expertise and equipment. We have teams of technical professionals to assess and provide advice on equipment set up, care and logistics, whatever your needs and requirements may be.

Objectives & Assessment

Any relationship building event initiative requires significant investment, and we believe in showing you the results of that investment. Our consultants will work with you on a strategic level to set specific objectives, and then use an assessment framework to gauge the impact on various levels.

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